Documentation page & tips and tricks

Compatible bell housing for the Agens adaptor kit.
Compatible transmission model number =  722.606  722.607  722.609 722.610 722.618 722.623 722.624 722.628 722.630 722.632
722.633 722.636 722.638  and many more

Drive shaft shortening  722.6  model.  (detail information)
You can order one on your required size   250 euro
drive shaft

Speed sensor drive shaft for 722.6  controller. read more

Better solution : in wheel speed sensor . ( front wheel )

Trigger wheel  60-2  for automatic transmission flywheel  M110 M114 M123 etc  and  With a 722.6   Flex plate. Deployable for perfect precision in high speed megaquirt or other EMS configurations.

Trigger wheel 30-1  created  by simply drilling  the damper plate of the engine .
Good enough for  a standard megasquirt  confuguration up to 200hp 

Simple trigger wheel  by shrinking a 60-2  tooth ring  on the V beld pully
In this case  for a M114  250CE  megasquirt  170 hp

Reverse switch for  w114/w115/w123  etc models with original selector.
Just ad a little one dollar microswitch to your gear selector.