OM617 turbo replacement.

At the moment there is an experimental live test going on with the  VNT  garrett GT2256V turbo on a OM617. This car is in daily use and I monitor different readings under different conditions.With some  calculations  from Garrett I came to the GT2256V as best fit .The injection come’s  from the original MV injection pump without the rack limiter to get the maximum amount of diesel out of  this pump. The timing had to be changed to 26º.

First time up and running . 20 nov 2020:
A water cooled intercooler
Measuring  :Boost pressure ,exhaust pressure and exhaust temperature.
Controller :  The  Arduino controller is limiting the exhaust pressure and temperature and egp/boost ratio
and contols the VNT with a vacuum valve .
The result is astonishing  : The engine has a lot of torque starting from 1000 rpm . up to 4000 rpm .
The modern turbo changes the old engine in old engine with a modern feeling .
Next  thing to do is to run it on a dyno and see how much it is improved